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Help Guide

How to create a Protected Client Gallery Post

  • Navigate to “Posts” => “Add New



Creating the Post

  1. Enter the title of the post
  2. Add a gallery to the post
  3. Add text to go with the gallery – Note: the file name of the image will appear under the photo for easy referencing
  4. Tick the category “client login” on the right-hand-side. This  will make the post appear on your client login page.




Adding the Gallery

  1. Drag and drop the images into the droppable area
  2. Enter the title of the gallery
  3. Click ‘Start Upload’



  1. You should now be back on the Display Galleries tab. Click the “What would you like to display?” section
  2. Select the gallery you just added – ‘sources’ should be set to Galleries.


Customize section

  1. Click the “Customize the display settings” section
  2. IMPORTANT: Select the “gallery-moxwai-custom” template (This template pulls the file name and adds it as a caption)
  3. Click the “Insert Displayed Gallery” button



  1. Your gallery should appear in the content area.
  2. You can also upload a feature image for the post.
  3. Preview to test how it looks then publish once your happy. Rember to Protect the post – see below.



Password Protect your Client Gallery

To protect your gallery post with a password:

  • Click ‘Edit’ on the Visibility section (top right of page – under the publish section)
  • Select “Password protected”
  • Enter your password – include numbers and letters
  • Click “OK”
  • Click the “Publish” or “Update” if it’s already been published.
  • The password can then be passed onto the client along with the link of the post.